Dataharvest 2015 has ended
Dataharvest/EIJC, the European Investigative and Data Journalism Conference organised by Journalismfund.eu, is the most relevant networking event for investigative and data journalists in Europe. Dataharvest/EIJC15 will take place on Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday morning 10 May 2015, with a pre-conference Hackaton on Thursday 7 May. Like the previous years, the conference will take place in the centre of Brussels.
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Brigitte Alfter

Managing Editor
Co-founder and Managing Editor at Journalismfund.eu, a support structure for in-depth, innovative and independent journalism in Europe.

Brigitte is a senior Danish-German journalist, she has won multiple awards and is proud that these awards were always granted to her and team members.
Having practiced journalism for more than a decade on local, national and European level she realised the need for cross-border collaborative journalism structures during her years as EU correspondent for Danish daily Information from 2004-2008.
Back in Copenhagen she combined the early years of building the European activities of Journalismfund.eu with own crossborder journalism projects. Those were carried out in teams of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ, in own initiative teams and with filmmakers. As of 2016 she fully dedicates herself to develop collaborative journalism in the frame of the now well-established European section of Journalismfund.eu.
She teaches journalism on all levels, currently mostly at university and mid-career level. She combines journalism practice, entrepreneurial activities and research.